2014-11-23 Bonaire and Curacao – No Coast Guard Patrols by Sea


The Dutch Coast Guard in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands no longer patrols the territorial waters around Bonaire and Curacao, according to sources at the Curacao Chronicle, November 20, 2014


Rescues at sea will be performed if needed and air and radar surveillance will continue but the boats will not sail, according to the president of the NAPB union, Ronaldo Abrahamsz.

The union indicated that this is the result of increasing violence against Coast Guard personnel.coast-guard 2 -300x168

According to a spokesman for the Coast Guard, personnel still perform rescue operations. The coast is still being monitored, but from the air, from the Hato support center at the Curacao Airport. Curacao is a popular island for drug transit.


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2014-11-22 Las Aves de Sotavento – North light not working

Sotavento Light



Vessels transiting the central and south Caribbean may wish to keep a close watch on their position  since the northern reefs of Las Aves de Sotavento have no working light, according to sources in Sotavento.

Reports indicate there is a small generator powering the light but its operation is either erratic or not functional for significant periods of time.

CSSN Note: Here is what happened when the French hit Las Aves in 1678.  Click here – ooops!    or Here – ouch!.

2014-11-22 NOAA WX Buoy ADRIFT – Station 42059 – Eastern Caribbean Sea – 180 NM SSW of Ponce, PR

Bouys NOAA

Station 42059

Vessels transiting the central Caribbean may wish to keep a watch for NOAA Wx buoy adrift.

Click here for current position.

Station 42059 went adrift on 10/13/2014 and the last report from its moored position was at 1700Z.  It is still transmitting valid observation data, which continue to be reported here, but not from the usual location.

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2014-11-20 Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic – Unrest, Demonstrations, One Death – Caution Advised for Samana Bay Yachts

If you are in DR or planning to go, below is information you might want to know before you go:

According to CSSN sources in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic, several days of demonstrations, road blockages,closed stores and one death have occurred. So far, this violence has not spilled over to Samana Bay, a historically active crime site against yachts. CSSN will monitor the situation and report any incidents reported to us.

According to one frequent visitor in Las Terrenas, Samana, DR, “Folks are protesting about the Power Company. The LT area has enjoyed almost 24/7 power for years. There is a nasty ownership and land dispute of sorts with the Power Company which is causing these protests and folks want their power back.”

News is hard to get but for a local source click here for information from people on Tripadvisor: Click Here.

Below is a translation from a local news source:

Noticias Sin: One killed, four injured during protest in Las Terrenas
18/11/2014 6:12 PM
SAMANÁ, Dominican Republic.- One dead, four injured is the result of the fifth day of protest against the high cost of electricity bills in the town of Las Terrenas in Samana. The victim was identified as Cesario Thanksgiving 30 years, now deceased body was dragged out by their families.

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2014-11-13 St. Lucia Rodney Bay Marina Security Update


According to sources at RBM, the marina manager has instituted nightly patrols along each pontoon, within the marina. Opportunist thefts have declined, as a direct result.


A new security company has been contracted to provide expanded security commencing duties on November 17, under the direct command of the marina management.

It is hoped that this will yield good results and that the effort will be sustainable.

2014-11-11 Skimming in St Lucia, Rodney Bay Marina (RBM), 1st National Bank ATM

hacking Want to hack an ATM? Security researcher shows you how

  1. November 1,2014 six individuals withdrew cash from Rodney Bat Marina (RBM) ATM, provided by 1st National Bank between 0800 and 1100 hours.
  2. Later 6 cloned cards were used in Vieux Fort (other end of island) to remove thousands of USD and GBP from the various international accounts.
  3. Bank Manager, when notified of the issue, felt there was little that could be done.
  4. Local Police notified but apparently, little has been done.
  5. After details were announced on VHF net, a bank senior executive and security chief began to ask questions. However, all reports were discounted by them, citing a lack of evidence and that there was no documentation the cards were used elsewhere (other than St Lucia we assume)
  6. Two days ago, November 08, 2014, another customer withdrew cash from the Rodney Bat Marina (RBM) ATM, provided by 1st National Bank; and today, November 10 , 2014,  received a call from their international bank that several attempts (documented) were made to withdraw cash in Vieux Fort.

Here is how they do it:  Click on Image



CSSN Note:

Skimming often happens throughout the Caribbean. This suite of crimes happened at an ATM frequented by cruisers with international accounts. If you are in St Lucia listen to the VHF net for further information and help keep other cruisers informed. CSSN will update with new information as it becomes available.


2014-10-31 Real-Life Pirates Of The Caribbean Attack Solo Rower


A New Yorker trying for the fourth time to row across the Atlantic Ocean was raided by pirates who left him stranded without food or water near Haiti, according to his publicist.

Victor Mooney was not harmed when so-called pirates near the island of Tortuga stole his food supply and “all vital equipment” from his 24-foot rowboat, a statement released Thursday from Rubenstein Public Relations said.

Other details were sparse, and Mooney’s current location is unknown. Rubenstein didn’t respond to HuffPost’s inquiries for more information, but their statement suggested he needed immediate assistance.

“Although the pirates left the boat in his possession, Mooney was left with only the clothes on his back,” the statement said, and he “is currently in an extreme state of distress.

“Local authorities have been alerted of the ordeal and are thoroughly investigating the situation.”

Mooney, 48, was rowing by himself toward Miami and ultimately toward New York City. The 5,000-mile crossing began in the Canary Islands in February to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS. This leg of the trip that has now been marred started two weeks ago when Mooney shoved off from the north coast of the Dominican Republic, roughly 140 miles to the east of Tortuga.

FULL ARTICLE from Huffington Post – Click Here:

CSSN NOTE: We assume the location information referencing Tortuga refers to the Dry  Tortugas, but we can’t be sure. Also, while this is crime against a row boat and not a “Yacht” it still shows what thieves are active in these waters and will prey upon anyone they view as vulnerable.


2014-10-31 DATE: 2014-10-29 Country Name: St. Lucia Location Detail: Rodney Bay Marina EVENT: Burglary

DATE: 2014-10-29 02:00
Country Name: St. Lucia
Location Detail: Rodney Bay Marina
EVENT: Burglary
Stolen Items: Unknown at this time, owners will inventory on their return to the boat
DETAILS: Sometime between 10/24 and 10/30 an unoccupied (locked) yacht at the Rodney Bay Marina docks was broken into. The minder noticed damage to the companionway closure and lock. It is not known what may have been stolen. Marina management was notified, who in turn advised the owner and contacted the local police. Owners will inventory for losses on their return to the yacht.

2014-10-30 UPDATE: Missing Caribbean yacht couple found, daughter confirms


Arthur Alleyne and Sharon Went-Alleyne A couple who were reported missing on a yacht in the Caribbean on Saturday have been found. Arthur Alleyne and Sharon Went-Alleyne, who is from Telford, Shropshire, were sailing between St Lucia and Barbados when all contact was lost. An air and sea search was launched, but daughter Tao Alleyene, from Treherbert, Rhondda Cynon Taf, confirmed she has now spoken to her father. “He said they had been drifting, but they are both fine,” she said.    

For full BBC Coverage click below:



From: BoatWatch.Net… We have been asked for assistance in locating the S/V Serenity. She is white, 47′ fiberglass sloop with teak deck and light blue bimini, one mast and one engine. Vessel Comms Marine VHF. Two POB Arthur Alleyne (Capt. Sam Alleyne) 63 and Sharon Went Alleyne 59. Serenity left St. Lucia en route to Barbados on Saturday morning. At 2:14pm, we received a phone call via iphone that the boat was 35 miles off St. Lucia. Vessel is long overdue at Barbados, vessel hasn’t been heard from since 1415 on the 25th October, 2014, 35 miles off St. Lucia. Please contact nearest RCC or Arianne Moore at Please see the website for the full message and contact info. 2014-10-29 Chris Parker Announces New Weather Broadcast Schedules

Chris Parker logo
Chris Parker has been very busy the past few months and has recently completed installing a variety of equipment and facility upgrades, including powerful directional antennas and multiple radios for simultaneous broadcast on different frequencies. Check the details below to understand which broadcasts will work best for you.

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COVERAGE MAP (shows direction/coverage of Beams):

Times/Frequencies SPREADSHEET: